Myrthia Loresong

This elven lady travels the world for treasures and artifacts. While generally quiet she is a reknown singer. She prefers to be alone however.


Myrthia Loresong is a Twelfth Level NPC. Her level distribution goes as following: Bard-6/Lyric Thaumaturge-6

Myrthia has the following stats:

Stength- 10
Dexterity- 16
Wisdom- 14
Intelligence- 14
Constittution- 10
Charisma- 18


Description: Mrythia is 248 years old. She has green eyes and blonde hair common to her kind. She infact looks like the general description of an elf. Still there is just something about her that fascinates people. She wears a simple explorer’s outfit and wears her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of her face.

Personality: Myrthia is a quiet person. She prefers to be alone most of the time and doesn’t really talk much. Despite that she has a strong presence about her. She can be very willful at times.

Hobbies: Myrthia has many hobbies though most of them have to deal with playing intrusments and exploring. She is quite fond of treasures especially and often puts herself at risk to find them. Above all though she really just likes to sing her songs.

Backstory: Myrthia was born into a somewhat royal family. There she was conditioned into being a very lady like person. She, however, decided to leave that life style to go see what was out in the world. After some time travelling she joined a team and decided to explore caves and dungeons for artifacts and treasures. Her passion for such things grew and grew until she finally no longer wanted to return to her royal life style.


Matthew Lorons: Matthew is the student of Myrthia. She found him one day as an orphan and took pity on him. She grew attached to him since then but eventually decided to let him journey alone to make sure he could handle himself.

Myrthia Loresong

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